Gazipasa airport

Publish Date: 16.05.2014

Gazipasa airport
Turkish man waits 19 days to let pigeons hatch in a nest made in his truck

Publish Date: 16.05.2014

Turkish man waits 19 days to let pigeons hatch in a nest made in his truck A man in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa has pulled people’s heartstrings by saving unborn pigeons’ lives, waiting for them to hatch for 19 days after their mother made a nest on his truck’s trailer. Şaban Türkoğlu, who is a conveyer, found the nest with eggs on the truck bed when he left his house to go to work in the district of Viranşehir. He did not have the heart to remove them because it could cost the lives of the unborn birds. Two baby pigeons hatched after Türkoğlu did not move the truck, taking care not to damage the nest and eggs for 19 days. Türkoğlu, father of 10 children, said that he would wait for more days to let babies grow a little and then make another nest for them in his garden. “I bought this truck by taking loan out. I have been paying installments for two years. I will pay for two more years. My loss is 5000-6000 Turkish Liras per month. But it is okay. They are living beings, too. They have right to live,” Türkoğlu said. “If I went to work, those babies would not have been born. I would had taken their right to live [if I moved the truck]. This is better for me.”

Publish Date: 16.05.2014

The southern province of Antalya holds the world record for having the highest number of “Blue Flag” certified beaches. Antalya has 197 beaches and six marinas awarded with the Blue Flag, a voluntary eco-label issued by the Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas with high water quality, cleanliness and environmental standards. Antalya’s regional Blue Flag coordinator Lokman Atasoy said the city’s aim was to sustain the quality of the certified beaches and increase the number of beaches that deserve a Blue Flag. “Tourists visiting Turkey increasingly care more about the water quality and eco-friendly beaches,” he said, adding the Blue Flag had an increasing role in the preferences of tourists. “In recent years, tourism companies also ask about the Blue Flag. It is not enough to claim the water is clean; you have to prove it.” All Blue Flags are awarded for one season at a time. If the criteria are not fulfilled during the season or the conditions change, the Blue Flag may be withdrawn.
Large shopping mall in Mahmutlar.

Publish Date: 31.12.2012

The auction is closed for the planned shopping center in Mahmutlar, and the price ended at 22 million TL. The contract is likely to be written during the next 14 days. The shopping center will be the only one of its kind between Antalya and Anamur. Inside there will be 10 escalators, two elevators, 15 freight elevators, 5 floors, parking for 150 cars, skating, bowling, cinema, 91 shops and a playground. This will be the largest mall in the Antalya region.
Stort kjøpesenter i Mahmutlar

Publish Date: 01.01.2012

Auksjonen er avsluttet for den planlagte kjøpesenteret i Mahmutlar, og prisen endte på 22 millioner TL. Kontrakten vil trolig bli skrevet i løpet av de neste 14 dagene. Kjøpesenteret vil være den eneste av sitt slag mellom Antalya og Anamur. Inne vil det være 10 rulletrapper, to heiser, 15 vareheiser, 5 etasjer, parkering for 150 biler, skøytebane, bowling, kino, 91 butikker og en lekeplass. Dette vil bli det største kjøpesenter i Antalya-regionen.